Economic and environmental pressures face every business, no more so than those involved in operating trucks. Which is why we’ve brought together a range of initiatives under the BlueEFFICIENCY name to help companies in reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Our intention is to provide practical guidance and advice for both truck operators and drivers in meeting these challenges.

Plus we look forward to technologies being actively developed that will be available in the next few years. Clearly every truck operation is different, and there are no “one size fits all” solutions, but your nearest dealer, with the back up of the engineering specialists from Mercedes-Benz head office, can advise on specific technologies, training or other relevant solutions suitable for your operation.

Euro VI for trucks over 3.5t

Euro VI for Trucks

Euro VI is a limit set for the emissions of Heavy Duty vehicles. It states maximum values for what is allowed to come out of the exhaust.


In a typical diesel engine exhaust, the emissions are:
•  99.5% Unregulated
•  0.5% Regulated

For health and air quality, the most important regulated emissions are:
•  NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen)
•  PM (Particulate Matter)

Also regulated are:
•  HC (Hydrocarbons)
•  CO (Carbon monoxide)
•  NH3 (Ammonia)

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