The harsh economic conditions we now face highlight the need for fleets of all sizes to examine all areas where potential savings can be made.

With FleetBoard® fuel savings calculator

The high price of diesel we experienced in the first half of 2008 forced many operators to search for ways of reducing their fuel costs. Many factors influence fuel consumption such as loads, routes, weather conditions, tyres, air deflectors and vehicle condition. However the largest single influence on fuel consumption is driver behaviour.

FleetBoard® measures the performance of vehicle and driver on every journey with it’s grading system. The grade awarded reflects driver behaviour in key areas such as braking, harsh acceleration, anticipating the road ahead, gear changing etc and can also identify use of cruise control and excessive idling.

In short, the FleetBoard® system helps fleets to manage their drivers more effectively by measuring and reporting key data. If you can’t or don’t measure it, how can you manage it?

We frequently highlight situations to our customers where poor driving results in poor fuel consumption. Likewise, good driving results in significantly better fuel consumption, over 10% in some cases. It sounds logical, it is logical.

The fuel saving calculator will help you identify potential savings you can make in your fleet.

Fill in the key data for your fleet, press calculate and the calculator will reveal how much you can save for your entire fleet over the term of vehicle ownership.

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